Save the Date…24th of June!!!

It’s official! 24th of June and 10th is landing!!

We are super excited for the release of the new edition and look forward to giving you all some demos and coaching sessions. Watch this space for upcoming announcements for a full day of demo games coming to a store near you!

In the meantime, if you would like to book an Academy session and get giddy with us about the launch and discuss the current released rules, you can book using the link below.

We are in Manchester, Leeds, Skipton, Sheffield, Lincoln and Nottingham every week!

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Of Wizards and Dragons!

If Wizards and dragons are more your thing, check out these pictures from this weeks academies. We had a great time playing out some Warhammer Fantasy and AoS games!

Events News!

Last weekend our very own Manchester coach, David Irvin, attended a GT event in Manchester with 37 players in attendance, and took his Iron Hands all the way to 2nd place. Congratulations David! His highlight of the event was meeting up with old friends and battling it out with them on the table!

If you too would like to get some events booked in, we have our very own 2 day GT lined up on the 22nd & 23rd of July in Leeds.

Leeds Warzone Tickets

Community Focus

This week we have been talking to Jonathan from our Leeds Academy!

•  Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello there, I’m Jon aka HaxoIronWolf, a 3D Artist by day and Twitch streamer by night!

I dip in between painting minis and gaming in my free time. I Dabble in 3D printing too.

• Why did you decide to join the Clumsy Orc Academy?

I was looking for a group of people to play Warhammer with and it made a lot of sense to join Clumsy Orcs Academy as I definitely wouldn’t have the patience to organise games myself with any sort of regularity or frequency. The Academy also has a great group of people to get to know while playing with them too.

• What Armies do you Play/ Collect?

Space Wolves, Death Guard, Aeldari, Adeptus Sororitas for 40K (Nids soon in 10th) and Orruk Warclans Ironjawz for AoS. I like changing things up every so often as to not let things get stale on the battlefield, or you can call it hedging my bets to make sure my army doesn’t fall behind the rules bloat!

• How did you get into Warhammer?

I was introduced to Warhammer through video games, specifically Total War: Warhammer in the before times of 2016, that and the persistence of a good friend of mine got me playing and collecting 40K. My wallet may not thank him much, but I do, I’m glad that Warhammer is in my life now.

• Which factions do you like playing against the most?

I would say I enjoy playing against thematically the “evil” factions as I mostly own “good” ones so the likes of Chaos (various) Nids and Necrons as antagonists are always fun.

• Which armies do you really struggle into?

As a mainly melee player, anything that can shoot me at range! T’au and Votaan mainly. Other than that, definitely Chaos Deamons, AP doesn’t matter, they deep strike very close and have more to trade, difficult to deal with for sure.

• What’s next on the Painting Table

I have a test parasite of Mortrex model for a paint scheme for my 5th army when 10th is out for the Tyranids, although I definitely have Ragnar Blackmane to finish off and most of my Ironjawz too…

Members Giveaway!

Simon in Sheffield received his Chaos Space Marine from our members monthly giveaway! He’s found him a great space to be displayed at home.

Thanks for reading folks, have a great week!

The Clumsy Orc Team 💚

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