What is a 40k Academy?

The 40k Academy is for those new and/or returning 40k players to enjoy the sport of tabletop gaming with Warhammer 40k, created by Games workshop. Anyone can join us, whether you started collecting, building or painting from yonderyear, during the pandemic or that you like the idea of tabletop gaming. We specialise in organised play, we provide the pairings for the evening game and the support.

Don’t have an army/faction? We have over 17 factions to choose from and borrow for the evening. We have you covered!

We have locations throughout the north of England – Craven, Leeds, Lincon, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield where you can learn the tabletop sport with like-minded individuals and have the support from our ITC ranked Coaches on Academy nights to bounce ideas off of, ask for advice or learn the game from start to finish if you are new/rusty !

The Academy requires an active subscription in order to participate but your first session is always free, so why not come down on one of our game nights below. Just make sure you get in touch with Clumsy Orc Studios before attending so we can help you in the best way possible.

See you there !

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You could win a Warhammer Joy Toy!

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