Clumsy Orc Sponsorship

Have you always wanted to build your own gaming group, and get paid for it?

Clumsy Orc Studios offers full support and all the materials you will need to get started with your own Warhammer gaming group. Our support package ensures you have everything gamers will need for some great weekly games of 40k. With on hand support available from our experienced coaches, this is a great opportunity for any Warhammer enthusiast to share their hobby with others in the community.

Clumsy Orc will support you with:

  • Clumsy Orc Terrain.
  • A couple armies to help teach newer players.
  • All the gaming aids you might need – Dice, objective markers, and tape measures.
  • Marketing tools such as Roller Banner, Clumsy Orc T-shirts, Business cards/ posters and much more.
  • Full Back-office support including adverts and a fully operational booking system.

Get in touch by completing this form and one of our team members will be in contact with you soon.

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