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Clumsy Orc Studios is a friendly mentored wargaming community.

We provide a weekly organised gaming environment where our team of coaches will provide incredible advice for players looking learn how to play, improve their lists or overall play style.

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The academy is a welcoming place for new and seasoned players alike, a great way to get some playtime in for your armies, brush up on your skills or learn to play. Play against different armies and people to experience the game to its fullest.

Haxo Iron Wolf

The guys at Clumsy made me feel welcome and part of group which has become something i cherish and look forward to every week. The Clumsy have showed and talked to me about list building, secondar’s, tactics and stage by stage developed my knowledge about playing 40k and heading me towards a competitive level.

Steel Slayer 14

Since joining the Clumsy Orc Academy I’ve started enjoying playing again the team are very knowledgeable and helpful towards list building a developing play styles to create an overall fun and competitive play style, they are extremely well resourced and have plenty of decent quality terrain and miniatures to give new players a taste of their preferred forces and ensure everyone has enough scenery to play a game. Highly recommend.

Tony Wallace

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