Incoming!! – Arks of Omen

What a week it has been!

We have had time to digest the new points and and Dataslate update and wow there are so many changes. There are so many that there’s simply not enough time to cover it all.

I (and I’m sure you guys are as well) am just excited to get model on the table and find out how the changes affect the game. I mean, I myself am looking forward to seeing what crazy space marines lists start to appear. Because lets be honest, theirs was the lions share of updates..

Coupled with the new detachment coming from arks of Omen, there is little to no reason to spend valuable points on to many troops. So I’m going to assume we are going to see some very Elite and Heavy support heavy lists going forward.

You might even see more titanic units in with lists!

The new rules for Arks of omen allies is defiantly going to be interesting! Again, just thinking out loud here, but I wouldn’t mind a armiger or two, or a knight with my Adepta Sororitas ..

This coupled with the points and dataslate has me excited to see what people bring to the table. Its going to enable player to be really creative and I’m all for it. I know for some this might be overwhelming, and i know other don’t like change. But I think this might be the start of a very cool idea. Do I think Be’lakor should be allied in to .. I don’t know .. say Thousand sons or death guard .. no.. I do not. Do I think taking a great unclean allied into death guard would be really cool? hell yes. That’s what I’m hoping to see.

Talking of Daemons, the new Chaos Daemon prince is out on Pre-order this coming weekend, and oh my i love this sculpt. It will fit nicely along side my sons of dust (Aka, Thousand Sons :)) I’ve not used a daemon prince in a fair while, but the sculpt has me looking at all new ways to use one … maybe even two!

Yes I like the model that much.

On a final note, all the above will see its first showing at our event on the 28th of January, and i cant wait.

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And if you are heading down to Nottingham this coming weekend, don’t forget to say hi!


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