If I Played Tau….

If I played Tau… id be super excited right now.. I’d be all over those Kroot. I love them! Their Green! and those of you who know me now my favourite colour is ORC green.

But seriously the models looks great, and I’d be really excited. As it is I’m very very tempted.. but I reckon I a lot of you wouldn’t endorse such a collection from the Warboss himself 😀

But if you are a Tau Player, if you missed it, it looks like pre-orders are up next Saturday

In Other News!

We recently have recently hosted a couple of events, and here are some of the photos from both of those events

Nottingham Clash –

Leeds Clash –

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. Thank you

Without your support these event aren’t possible.

We do endeavour to make the Mission and Terrain Pack as challenging but as enjoyable as possible. So if you have any feedback, please do feel free to send it to


That’s right! Its taken a bit longer than what I wanted but the Clumsy Orc Rankings have now been updated!

If bragging rights weren’t enough, we plan on doing some pretty cool awards at the end of the year, including top in faction and overall ranking winner.

So watch this space!

That’s all for now.. I think I’m going to go play some Gundam battle suits now.. pew pew … brrrrrr 😀

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