Academy: How to book

Booking a session with us is now easier than ever.

First you go to ”Academy” on our menu, and then select ”Academy Booking”

Once here you will see the back of Tom’s lovely head…. Don’t get distracted by this.. You simply pick a location, a date and if you want to use one of our armies.

Now this will indicate a booking cost of £9, dont worry this is what your tokens are for.

Once you’ve added the booking to your cart, proceed to the checkout and you can add as many tokens as you like to reduce the cost to 0.

And there you go! You’re booked!!

Hopefully you shouldn’t have too much trouble, but as always any issues at all, drop us an email to

And remember, these tokens can be used for everything we do.. including all our events!! 🙂

See you soon

“We don’t fight fer food, or fer teef, or guns, or cos we’s told to fight. We fight cos we woz born to fight. And win.” ORKS

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