GW releases a new dataslate and points for 40k

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This is a brand new season of Warhammer 40k!

Games Workshop has just released Q1 Balance Dataslate this year and woah… and I mean woooooaaaahhhhh !

Armour of Contempt (you know, that pesty ignore the first -1AP value from incoming attacks) is gone from the game. In my opinion, this is great – I get to dust off some heavy bolters.

Space Marines Tactical Doctrines have changed slightly… so you’ve only took dreadnoughts with heavy weapons? Don’t fear, you can now stay in the Devastator doctrine all game for that lovely extra -1AP

That’s not all, Astra Militarum, lost all its previous buffs from the 2022 Q4 Dataslate. You want 6s to auto wound? Tough, go get them from their “Born Heroes” buff !

Updated Points


Free wargear for the Space Marine underdog (possible soon to be Top-Dog!)
Increased points for Votann
Point reductions for Chaos Daemons
Much more

Check out all the above at the Warhammer Community Website.

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