The Winds of Magic bring the Mortal Realms to Clumsy Orc Studios

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is coming to your Academy!

Age of Sigmar is here !

… and the new stuff just keeps coming !

Here at Clumsy Orc Studios we strive to keep providing added value to gaming nights down at the academy!

So Age of Sigmar is here! Starting at Leodis Games in Leeds tonight! We have Orruk Warclans Ironjawz vs Stormcast Eternals!

This is a cracking development to include Age of Sigmar into our gaming nights, these two factions are the first of many to be available. Age of Sigmar is a brutal contest of power, with the new Generals handbook 2023 also being released this weekend, the game will benefit from new rules, playstyles and missions.

What’s a better time to start getting involved than now?

Who’s going to win out of these two armies? who’s got the tricks to make your opponent facepalm? Dice will tell us tonight !

Last chance to get to our 2k RTT this month! 40K Leeds Clash – 28th Jan 2023

Don’t forget our Beginner friendly 1 day 1k tournaments

This is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into tournaments. Everyone playing is new, a returning 40k player or trialling out a new army. These type of events are 1,000pts with 2hr 30mins per round allowing plenty of time without the pressure of a Grand Tournament with Sam and Tom on hand, only a shout away, to clarify any rules. Don’t miss out on the fun, grab yourself a ticket below.

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You could win a Warhammer Joy Toy!

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