The New Edition Approaches

Hey all!

Sam here, and as some of you have asked me what my thoughts where on the new edition reveal I thought I would share. In the form of a blog! 🙂

Anyone who knows me will know I have been looking forward to a new edition for a while now.

The game is great, don’t get me wrong.. but it feels like its all getting a bit too killy .. a bit to rules heavy (Again) .. and I’m having to search through the internet (again) to find the most up to date rules for my army constantly.

10th cant come soon enough..

What has been revealed so far?

The noticeable stuff

Well.. for starters there is only going to be 6 stratagems per faction, and a few universal ones.

I think this will be huge, if true this mean there wont be any more seeking out ways to break the game with a hundred different combinations… Universal strats also mean that there wont be as many ”gotcha” moments either as we will all have access to them. (Like the ones we have now.. but with a few more that we can all use) I like it!

For seconds, and this is a big one for me. No more force organization chart!

This to me always seems like a way of ruining someone’s way of collection, and ultimately how someone can enjoy the game. Well, no more ! they’ve announced they are doing away with this (exception of the the rules of three still, which seems fair) and the are opening the field of combat. I like it!

And for thirds, the new data sheet.

This is a really good improvement, having additional ballistic values for different guns will mean they should be able to get more out of a models values (Currently restricted to a D6) by placing different values on different guns. They hopefully wont simply increase the points of a model if and when the need to fix something, and the design team will have an extra tool at their disposal. Which is fantastic news, because simply increasing points on a model cant always be the answer.

The less noticed stuff

They also announced more things that was probably over looked in the excitement, such as :

the turn structure – I reckon this will probably the end of the psychic phase if im honest. This is what ive heard from word of mouth and what i have read. The all psychic will be built in to a units datasheet.

Morale! this is a facitanig one for sure. Moral currently feel lacklustre and unimportant. But so many factions could really benefit from actually having things happen in the phase, like chaos daemons, drukhari and even tyranids. Moral has always played a big part on any scify game and here should be no different.

Terrain. I have no clue what they could be planning, but the mentioned it in the article, and the last time they changed terrain they incoporated the obscuriing rule. so who knows whats this space!

Ah the missions… anyone else a bit boards of securing the artefacts? will be nice to get a refresh

Lastly .. the ways in which characters interact with units. Now this could be the removal of the core keyword or could mean something else entirely! I would love to see characters be incorporated into units rather than auras. Like they used to with fantasy old world. that would be pretty cool. Attach Characters to units, but one can only hope.

Anyway that all my thoughts on it. Its been rumoured for some time now, so its good to see its finally nearly upon us! And I’m really excited to see what all these changes mean for my loving little plastic soldiers.

Also the lion looks pretty cool.. for a Dark Angel I guess…..


Tom and I are off to compete in the Manchester GT this weekend and we are super excited for it.

Tom has his World Eaters and I have Orks this time around.

The pairings are done and Tom is going into Iron hands and I’m into Imperial guard.

Wish us luck!

If you too would like to get some swings in at an tournament, you can join us at the Clumsy Orc event on the 1st of April at Leodis games, and no its not an April fools 🙂

Oh, and also our objective markers are back in stock, but we’ve only got 8 sets left

Catch you soon !



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