The Christmas GT, Santa Stopped here!!

This weekend saw the last of our events for 2022 and what an event it was, mulled wine and mince pies galore! 

The event was packed with experienced players and newcomers alike, and it was a really bubbly atmosphere (There was some even janky Tau stuff).

I even took part in this one! (being the last of the year) and I had a blast playing with our studio Adepta Sororitas models as our martyred lady (list in the discord). Its was funny seeing the brutal cannones go to work, 16 mortals wounds anyone? ew. 

And what would an event be without a good drink to wash away the bitter taste of defeats.. or not 🙂

Thanks to all who attended and to everyone who has supported us through the year. We genuinely couldn’t do this without you.

We would all like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

Love the Clumsy Orc Team 💚

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You could win a Warhammer Joy Toy!

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