Plasma Inceptors? Plas-Nopetors !

Oh G-dubs!

Plasma Inceptors get a point increase !

Now we all love space marine, in every flavour…

…and we loved them even more when Plasma Inceptors got their equipment for free!

…. Or so we thought!

At 40 points per model with the plasma upgrade for free, we were looking at a new king of the hill unit – suitable for being a staple in most SM lists.

However, with a last minute update to the Munitorum Field Manual 2023 Mk1 it seems that this point cost was a little too cheap. GW has increased the points per weapon by 10 points and since these little guys have to take 2 that’s a whopping 20 points increase per model bring a unit of 3 to 180points… ohhh that’s spicy !

From the looks of things, if you are wanting plasma in your SM army list, I would suggest using Hellblasters with the assault plasma load out for a sweet 15 shots from a 5 man unit at 150 points.

Coupled with an impulsor for delivery up the battlefield, or pop them in strategic reserves for free with new Arks of Omen, this unit can put out some serious firepower.

40k Leeds Clash is this weekend!!

Our first Arks of Omen RTT is at Leodis Games, Leeds this weekend. Submission deadline is 10pm Thursday 26th Jan. This makes any final tweaks viable until then as the new points increase for plasceptors will be in effect!

…So hopefully none of you are running 18 of them !

We are looking at an action packed weekend with Genestealer Cults, Orks Knights, (both the good and the evil!), Sisters, Thousand Sons, a whole bunch of Space Marine chapters and even an ad mech list ! Maybe they are back with vengence !

40K Welcome Recruits – 25th Feb 2023

Wondering how to get into Warhammer 40k tournaments? We offer a great way way to start with our 1,000 point Beginners tourament at Leodis Games, Leeds. This is suitable for those of you that are new to playing 40k, a returning player from yonder year or if you are trying out a completely new faction to get to grips with.

There will be staff there to help out with interpreting rules and how the applies to the battlefield infront of you. We have extended round times for a 1,000 point match to take the pressure off and to add cool, calm vibes to what is an awesome day out. Don’t miss out on the fun, grab yourself a ticket below.

PewPew !

Catch you soon,


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