I actually attended an event!

As some of you might know, I actually attended an event. I know, I know.. crazy right? But Element games invited me to attend an Old world they where hosting and with it being the new (Old) kid on the block I couldn’t really say no. (It has nothing to do with the fact that I started playing fantasy battles when I was 11, when my dad bought me a box of mono pose high elves, 4 spears 4 arches.. and I religiously collected and painted fantasy models for then next 20 odd years or so… at a all really… )

But that aside, I have always had a soft spot for the genre, I was a very large Tolkien fan in my early days, yes, even before the movies came out. because to me Fantasy battles and Lord of the rings where… kinda … the same thing? and you got to remember that lord of the rings strategy games wasn’t a thing back then.

So in I dived, head first and I had a great time.

I debated for a while which faction i would take. It was a toss between Wood Elves and Orcs and Goblins. And has they both had such a different play style i had a hard choice ahead. But , in the end it was comes down to a good old Krumpin.. and so the the green menace won me over in the end. What tipped it was the fact that I didn’t think new players would be too over the moon to be shot by some elves for most of their games.

So off I went, in the words of Saruman .. TO WAR!! and I played three great games of Old world.

Oh, and I wore my new snazzy designed T-shirt, (Which is for sale HERE)

My first opponent was Tim from Mordian Glory (If you dont know him, id recommend you check out his channel HERE) but it safe to say I wasn’t expecting a 40k player that was known to me, to be my first opponent.

And so we got stuck in… we both seemed a little lost without the use of CP, but, we where in the same boat so it was fine.

As you can imagine Tim took ”The Empire” and it was extremely bright! which put my 3D printed collection to shame..

I dont want to drag out what happened in every turn, so in summery… i got shot b his cannon and his steam tank. The steam tank pushed out …

and it go shot by some Orc Artillery, a night goblin oddgit and some fantatics.. that left the rest of his punie humas ..

And that was it, the Ladz just got stuck in after that.

It was hilarious though and every dice role was nail biting, as there was no way back from what ever you rolled. But Gork (or maybe Mork) decided to smile on me that day and the greenies came out on top.

For my second round I played against Antonia and his wood elves. And dear lord Ive never been most scared…. he brought a dragon.. A DRAGON!

and i dont know how you would react, but if i saw a dragon flying towards me at the speed at which antonio moved it towards my lines … id probably poop my self..

and before i knew it … it was on me..

i mean his whole army was really, while the rest of the shot me…

But again, Gork, or maybe Mork this time decided that we weren’t gonna going to stand for it. And after pushing his dragon back and making him give ground, my oddgit did his thing again, and got the dragon down to T4 and we released the fanatics … the the trolls got stuck in against the rest… It wasnt really a fair fight at this point however, as the oddgit has summoned Mork and he decided to show his foot and stomp down on the punie elves.

all while the Warboss had a leisurely stroll around the back of the woods.. i dont know what he was doing back there (other than hide from Antonio’s -2ap arrows) but as I always say, why do the work yourself.. when you have a git shaman who can some the foot of a god.

Now on to round three

an ORC off! well… kinda

Lewis rocks up with 2 GIANT spiders and 2 squads of night goblins.. and this was just as worrying as the dragon if im honest..

But again, it was my lucky day becuase i dont know what got into my goblin artillery… (probably just outright terrified as i was) but the decided to turn up and actully do some work for a change.. and they just scored hit, after hit, after hit.. and by the end of turn three .. well.. its fair to say doesnt matter how big your spider gets .. that a giant rock seems to solve the problem..

and that was that.

I had an awesome time, all my opponents where great and it was fantastic to get out an play some old world.

I took home the gold and collapsed in my bed as soon as I got home.

If you too would like to have a bash at an Old World Event.

We will be running a couple in the near future too.

May the waaagh be with you!

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