Challenge Accepted!

Would you like to challenge your fellow orcs in a more formal way? To throw down the gauntlet? To see who is the greenest of them all?

Because we all know green is best..

Well.. we have news for you!

As of this week we are introducing the Clumsy Orc Coins!

These coins are a bit of fun between members, the idea is that you will each have a coin and place them on the table on arrival for your game. The winner will exchange their coin for the lower number coin of the two.

The player with the lowest number coin will have the ultimate bragging rights! the greenest of them all!

But beware! Each location will have a different colour coin, so if a member say from Sheffield with a coin numbered 2, travelled to Nottingham and played against a player with a coin numbered 1 and the Sheffield player won… well Sheffield would then have two number 1 coins ..

As I say, initially this is intended as a little bit of fun, but it is going to go a long way in helping us improve our match up system and be able to support those who need more advice and guidance.

We are really excited to introduce these into the community and look forward to seeing how the idea progresses.

This was a community suggestion, so if you too think there is something we can do that can improve your gaming quality of life. please do drop us your suggestions!

See you all soon.

Clumsy Orc Team

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