Clumsy Orc Membership Basic

Clumsy Orc Membership Basic

£9.99 / month

Purchase this product now and earn 18 Credits!



Support the Studio!

Earn 18 credits a month with this membership, redeemable with the Gaming Academy and Clumsy Orc events!

Access to the Clumsyorc Discord community 

Early Access to Clumsy Orc Events – Events run every month! 

Access to Member-only Gaming Academy, bookable through the gaming Academy Tab



As a member , you will be able to book onto our Academy nights at various locations, using Credits you earn through your membership.


The Gaming Academy is run from the following locations EVERY WEEK.

    • Leeds (Leodis Games)
    • Nottingham (7th City Collectables)
    • Manchester (Element Games)
    • Sheffield (Patriot Games)
    • Skipton (Sutton in Craven Community Centre)


As a member you can also use any of our studio armies! you don’t need your own models to play as we can and will provide those for you

We have 27 fully painted armies for you to choose from!!

Whether you are just learning to play, a competitive player or just like to have casual games, we organise your opponents based on your skill to ensure your gaming experience is as enjoyable as possible


As a member we will also support you with list building, and/ or gaming tactics in each gaming academy session


We host organised play like no other


Academy Bookings are made through the ”Book an Academy Night” page under Academy.


For further information on how Clumsy Orc manage Credits, please visit our Credits policy.

Credit Policy

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You could win a Warhammer Joy Toy!

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